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As one male friend recently told her: Bemoaning an anything-goes dating culture, Ms. In interviews with students, many graduating seniors did not know the first thing about the basic mechanics of a traditional date. What would you say? What words would you use? Lindsay, a year-old online marketing manager in Manhattan, recalled a recent non-date that had all the elegance of a keg stand her last name is not used here to avoid professional embarrassment. Photo Credit Peter Arkle After an evening when she exchanged flirtatious glances with a bouncer at a Williamsburg nightclub, the bouncer invited her and her friends back to his apartment for whiskey and boxed macaroni and cheese. Relationship experts point to technology as another factor in the upending of dating culture.

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The pen is a holding pen for walleyes. It extended down like an elevator shaft, 20 feet to the bottom of the lake. Each would provide a precious morsel of data for a new study — the most complete of its kind ever undertaken — to determine how many walleye really die after being caught and released by anglers.

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Trucking is no different. Carrier An individual, partnership, or corporation engaged in the business of transporting goods or persons; a trucking company. Class A Refers to type of CDL permitted the licensed driver to operate a combination vehicle tractor trailer with a gross weight of 26, or more pounds. Common Carrier Freight transportation company which serves the general public. May be a regular or irregular route. Dedicated Run This refers to a driver pulling freight for one specific shipper week after week, with same pick up and drop off points.

Dispatching The scheduling and control of intercity traffic and intracity pick-up and delivery.

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By David Ng Jul 29, 3: July 31, Sign up for our free video newsletter here http: Twenty years later, Netflix’s transformation from an underdog DVD-by-mail service to Hollywood powerhouse — one that has redefined how TV and movies are produced and consumed — has been remarkable. Advertisement The global streaming giant today boasts some impressive stats: Its series and movies account for more than a third of all prime-time download Internet traffic in North America.

Its more than 50 original shows garnered 91 Emmy Award nominations this year, second only to premium cable service HBO.

Those of us who have been in corrections for any period of time know that we can have all the use-of-force training, defensive tactics, report writing, and first-aid training in the world and it will not prepare us for the inmate set-up.

They said they tried to keep the project on life support, in hopes that it would be revived by the next administration, but the loss of key personnel, budget cuts and dropped investigations are only a few of many challenges made worse by the passage of nearly a year since Trump took office. Who knows if we can find all of the people willing to testify?

There is certainly an argument to be made that if tomorrow all the agencies were ordered to come together and sit in a room and put all the evidence on the table against all these bad guys, that there could be a hell of a lot of indictments. Operation Perseus, targeting Venezuelan syndicates, was another. Meanwhile, in Iraq, the U. All of these paths eventually converged on Hezbollah. For decades, Hezbollah — in close cooperation with Iranian intelligence and Revolutionary Guard — had worked with supporters in Lebanese communities around the world to create a web of businesses that were long suspected of being fronts for black-market trading.

As they pursued their investigations, the DEA agents found that Hezbollah was redoubling all of these efforts, working urgently to raise cash, and lots of it, to rebuild its south Lebanon stronghold after a war with Israel had reduced it to rubble. Mughniyeh had for decades been the public face of terrorism for Americans, orchestrating the infamous attack that killed U.

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We work to change NYC policy so that maritime activity of all kinds recreational, educational, commercial is more a part of waterfront revitalization plans. This space expansion would give PortSide a place to fulfill our long-standing plans to create a dynamic, future-focused maritime center that combines working waterfront and public access and fosters community development.

Help us shape a maritime center for the 21st century and get involved! Experiences for you PortSide creates innovative and inclusive maritime programs. In Atlantic Basin, Red Hook, we are part of an authentic, dynamic working waterfront with maritime action. See ships come and go, watch the containerport cranes.

State Board of Examiners of Environmental Professionals Roster of Licensed Environmental Professionals This roster is effective through June 30,

The forklift hook can be adjusted to suit a position anywhere along the length of the forklift fork, therefore giving you more flexibility when it comes to handling loads of different sizes or where there are different reach requirements. For all other models a standard hook and shackle is supplied. The unit has allowed us to now lift various loads with our fork truck. We are very happy, great service, fast delivery, had no problems at all and will use your company again if we need another forklift truck attachment” – Mark Davies, Mechanical Engineer, Advanced Engineering Ltd “We needed to lift concrete panels into place in a tight area and the hook attachment is ideal.

The use of the product has made it safe and easy to install the panels and has satisfied the site safety officer. Both the product and service is excellent and first class support from the team, at all times, is guaranteed” – Donna Todd, Manager, Gray Material Handling Inverness Ltd “We are very happy with the forklift hook attachment. By use of the attachment this solved any chance of injury to the staff. Yes, the attachment comes supplied with both the hook and the shackle Does the hook on the attachment swivel?

The hooks that we supply with the attachment are load bearing swivel hooks, so yes the hook can be swivelled whilst under load How often does this product need to be tested? This will not be a problem, we offer a ‘Big Pocket’ version of this attachment, which can be seen here If you have a question which is not answered above, please fill in the form below and we will happily reply back to you by return.

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The difference between bids, tenders and proposals September 18, Are you resourcing a tender or bid team? Need a proposal writer? A bid manager…no, maybe a tender manager. If you are confused with the mix of terminology used by procurement and business development professionals you are not alone. The first thing to realise is that terms vary from organisation to organisation and country to country.

The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook. An ambitious U.S. task force targeting Hezbollah’s billion-dollar criminal enterprise ran headlong into the White House’s desire for a.

Struggling with your resume? Here’s how to get your telephone ringing off the hook with more top job interview requests faster and easier than you could ever imagine Calabasas, CA Dear Friend, Most job-seekers don’t have a clue how to get their “foot in the company door” for a job opening And forget about the job offer It’s no big secret we are living in some of the most difficult and stressful times we’ve seen in years.

And today’s job market is a killer.

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Drivers Licenses Are you between 16 and 21 years old? There is a program called the “Independent Living Program” ILP available in all California counties, which serves youth aged in foster care and also helps emancipated foster youth up to age If you don’t participate in ILP, you may miss out on services that can help you get a computer, earn money, find jobs and housing, or scholarship opportunities for school.

What can ILP do for me? Unless you are prepared, emancipating can be frightening.

Sandy recovery and resiliency programs. Starting in late , in response to the destructive WaterStories of hurricane Sandy, PortSide stepped up to offer recovery and resiliency work for our neighborhood of Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Shurmur will be announced as the Giants’ head coach after the Vikings conclude their season. He’ll be replacing McAdoo, who was fired after Week McAdoo was obviously out of his depth as a head coach, but he still has something to offer as a coordinator. Jan 21 – And Browns fans thought Mike Mularkey being linked to the job was as bad as it would get.

McAdoo did have some success early in his run with the Giants, but his offenses were among the worst in the league the last two seasons even when Odell Beckham was on the field. Texans QBs coach Sean Ryan has also been linked with the job.

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